Five Ways to Celebrate Earth Day 2023 with AIChE

Here are five concrete ways to celebrate Earth Day and address the issues our planet faces as a chemical engineer.

Participate in an Earth Day activity

This year's theme is Invest in Our Planet, which highlights the importance of dedicating our time, resources, and energy to solving climate change and other environmental issues. Check out the Earth Day website to see the various ways you can invest in our planet to protect it for the future. Whether you want to participate in Earth Day virtually or join in a local activity, you can find a way to get take actions at an organized event.

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Join the Environmental Division

Join a community whose purpose is to bring attention to the importance of concern for the environment, and the need for its consideration in the design and operation of process plants. The Environmental Division also provides programs and opportunities for the research and design of equipment and processes to solve environmental problems.

Join ENV.

Join the Institute for Sustainability

IfS approaches sustainability from the perspectives of engineering and scientific disciplines with the objective of promoting the societal, economic, and environmental benefits of sustainable and green engineering.

Join IfS.

Take a sustainability-related course

Even after Earth Day ends, you can continue doing your part by educating yourself on environmental issues. Check out the sustainability-related courses through the Institute of Learning and Innovation (ILI):

Essentials of Environmental Life Cycle Assessment
Improve the environmental profile of your company’s products and processes using life cycle assessment (LCA).

A Practical Guide to Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life Cycle Thinking
This online course provides learners with a basic understanding of life cycle assessment (LCA) as a method for quantifying the environmental impacts of a product or process, and how it can be used for chemical engineers and process intensification work. 

Product Stewardship
Gain new insight into the practice of product stewardship from the perspective of chemical product manufacturers.

Pursue sustainability credentialing

The IfS has established a baseline definition of what sustainability entails: a body of knowledge in the field of sustainability. This body of knowledge is at the heart of the new sustainability credential based on the AIChE Sustainability Index and focuses on the seven areas critical to a world-class sustainability effort: strategic commitment, innovation, environmental performance, safety performance, product stewardship, social responsibility and value chain management.

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