January 2021 CEP Preview

Reactions and Separations

Optimizing Catalyst Performance to Support Sustainability Goals

Characterizing the structure and activity of catalysts will be critical to unlocking more sustainable processes. 

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Understand Process Hazards to Manage Change Safely

Successful management of change (MOC) programs identify potential process hazards.

Process Design and Development

The Bonsai Process Development Method

The optimal bonsai tree can only be cultivated by pruning certain limbs and leaves. The same disciplined decision-making is required to eliminate options in process development.

Back to Basics

A Look at Vortex Flowmeters

Vortex flowmeters have become a popular alternative to differential pressure flowmeters.

Career Catalyst

Tools for Open Innovation

Open innovation frameworks can capture and capitalize on valuable ideas from customers and other stakeholders.

News Update

  • Could Cell-Based Meat Replace Factory Farming?
  • Using Microfluidics to Detect COVID-19
  • Chemical Engineers Develop Plastics Upcycling Method
  • Researchers Discover Flaw in Biological Cybersecurity Systems


  • Editorial: Looking Back, Looking Ahead —One Last Time
  • Catalyzing Commercialization:Unlocking a Catalytic Pathway to Biobased Maleic Anhydride
  • AIChE Journal highlight: Understanding Fluid Flow through Porous Media in Microgravity
  • New Products: Bioprocessing; Heat Transfer; Instrumentation; Fluids and Solids Handling; Laboratory Equipment; Operations and Maintenance; Environmental, Health and Safety; Materials and Chemicals
  • Process Safety Beacon: Material Identification: The First Step in the Process Safety System
  • Emerging Voices: Volunteer to Grow Professionally
  • The ChE in Context:Anticipating Policy Changes in Washington
  • Institute News
    • President’s Message: Preparing for the Important Work Ahead
    • AIChE Gala Lauds DuPont, Thermo Fisher Scientific, and Shariq Yosufzai for Doing a World of Good; Launches Future of STEM Scholars Initiative
    • MIT’s Eugenia Inda Receives AIChE’s Langer Prize Fellowship
    • In Memoriam: Robert Byron Bird, 1924-2020

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