March 2020 CEP Preview

Special Section: Process Intensification

Process Intensification in Theory and Practice

The Principles and Domains of Process Intensification

Apply the fundamental principles of process intensification to the four domains of PI — spatial, thermodynamic, functional, and temporal — to identify possible PI opportunities.

Selecting Process-Intensified Equipment

Use this approach to evaluate PI options and compare technologies.

Process Modeling of Intensified Chemical Processes

Before the benefits of process intensification can be fully realized, a multitude of advances in process modeling will be necessary.

Sustainable, Modular Chemical Production in Africa

Developing countries have an opportunity to leapfrog old technologies and adopt advanced manufacturing techniques such as modular chemical process intensification.

Back to Basics

Getting Incident Investigations Right

An incident unfortunately cannot be undone, but a properly executed safety investigation can prevent similar accidents from happening.

Plant Operations

Prevent Corrosion and Ensure Reliability

Once integrity operating windows (IOWs) have been established for variables that impact corrosion, follow these ten steps to implement a successful IOW program.

Career Catalyst

Interpersonal Skills for Chemical Engineers

Don’t be a grouch — learn to get along with others.

News Update

  • 3D-Printed Armor Inspired by Mollusks
  • Using Stem Cells to Recreate Snake Venom Glands
  • Engineering Living Building Materials
  • Safer Stretchable Battery Technology
  • Scientists Develop Self-Moisturizing Contact Lenses
  • Revitalizing a Dated Molecule


  • Editorial: Spring Has Sprung
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: The Future of Metabolic Engineering: Dynamic Metabolic Network Minimization
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Frances Arnold: Nobel Laureate, Superstar of Bioengineering, and Respected Mentor
  • New Products: Heat Transfer; Environmental, Health, and Safety; Software; Materials and Chemicals
  • Interphex Expo Preview
  • YPOV: ChE Problem Solving: The Double Diamond Approach
  • Process Safety Beacon: Vacuum Trucks Present Fire and Explosion Hazards
  • Technical Entity Trends: Polymers and Textiles: You Are What You Wear
  •  Books
  •  Institute News:
    • CCPS’s Kadri Testifies before Senate on Role of the Chemical Safety Board
    • National Academy of Engineering Elects AIChE Members to 2020 Class
    • Doing a World of Good Raj and Kamla Gupta Podcasts
    • Your AIChE Membership: Volunteer Opportunities

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