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2019 AIChE Salary Survey

The results of AIChE’s biennial salary survey are in, revealing positive advances for the chemical engineering profession. Read Survey

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Smart Manufacturing: Hope or Hype?

The chemical process industries (CPI) are hurtling toward a smarter future, but confusion and exaggeration around new technologies are causing some to want to stay behind. Sober guidance on selection, implementation, and utilization of digital tools can help differentiate the hope from the hype.

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Integrate Cybersecurity into Process Hazard Analyses

Cyberattacks can infiltrate and disrupt industrial processes, causing operational disturbances, equipment damage, and even injury to employees. Incorporating cybersecurity into process hazard analyses can help you identify the vulnerabilities in your facility.

Heat Transfer

Optimize Water and Energy Use in Evaporative Cooling Towers

Design your evaporative cooling tower to handle variable ambient conditions and find the optimal balance between energy and water use.


  • Could Cannabis Help Treat Brain Disease?
  • CRISPR and Microfluidics Work Together to Detect Ebola
  • An Adhesive Made with Bee Spit
  • Converting Seawater into Hydrogen Fuel
  • Novel Catalyst Facilitates Nerve Agent Breakdown


  • Editorial: It’s in My Nature
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Fermentation for Biodegradable Superabsorbent Polymers
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: New Approaches to System Operation and Control in the Chemical Process Industries
  • New Products: Operations and Maintenance; Safety; Instrumentation; Process Control; Fluids/Solids Handling
  • Patent Update: Will Secret Sales Be a Bar to a Patent?
  • Process Safety Beacon: Corrosion Under Insulation
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Intensification of Fast Pyrolysis
  • Career Connections: Speak So Your Boss Will Listen
  • Technical Entity Trends: Artificial Intelligence Marks a New Drug Lifecycle
  • Institute News
    • AIChE Announces Langer Prizes for Innovators and Entrepreneurs
    • RAPID Manufacturing Institute Appoints Yelvington as CTO
    • K-12 STEM Outreach Competition Set for AIChE Annual Meeting

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