December 2018 CEP Preview

Heat Transfer

Troubleshooting Electric Heat Tracing Systems

Determine why your electric heat tracing system is not satisfying your process heating demands.

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On the Horizon

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing: Current Trends and What’s Next

Engineers in the pharmaceutical industry are creating modular, continuous, and scalable processes and manufacturing environments to meet cost and quality challenges head on.

Process Design and Development

Functional Contradictions: Insights into Process Improvement

Process intensifications are a critical part of process development in the chemical process industries (CPI). In addition to traditional approaches, identifying and resolving contradictions can bring about new and valuable process improvements.

Back to Basics

Inspecting Distillation Towers Part 2: Revamps and Other Inspections

Process engineers are responsible for inspecting distillation columns. Follow this guide to prepare for a column revamp and other inspections.

Global Outlook

India’s Expanding Chemical Industry

The chemical industry is the backbone of India’s industrial and agricultural development. Achieving the industry’s ambitious growth targets will require a combination of policy intervention, company-level initiatives, industry-academic partnerships, wise investments, and greater international access.


  • Army Research Lab Uses Discarded Plastic to 3D Print Supplies
  • Wristband Can Measure Blood Sugar
  • Designer Molecules Can Trap Nerve Agents
  • Monitoring Drug Release in the Human Eye
  • Staying Cool with Polymer Paint
  • The Future of Carbon Utilization


  • Editorial: AIChE Beer Brewing Competition: Novices Welcome
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Innovative Catalysts for Low-Temperature Automotive Exhaust Abatement
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Jay Bailey’s Legacy as an Innovator in Biochemical Engineering
  • Process Safety Beacon: Be Alert for Common-Cause Failures
  • Profile: Jasmine Corbin: Doing Good, No Matter the Cost
  • New Products: Fluids and Solids Handling; Instrumentation; Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Patent Update: The Long-Term Consequences of Not Paying Maintenance Fees
  • Career Corner: Leading a Diverse Team
  • Technical Entity Trends: CAR T-Cell Therapy Individualizes Cancer Treatment
  • 2018 AIChE Awards in Review
  • Annual Meeting Highlights
  • Institute News
    • AIChE Unfolds New Strategic Roadmap
    • 2018 AIChE Election Results
    • Institute and Board of Directors’ Award News and Nominations

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