MMAIChE Saison Wins Grand Prize at 2018 AIChE Beer Brewing Competition

MMAIChE Saison won the grand prize at the 2nd annual Beer Brewing Competition in Pittsburgh, PA on Sunday, October 28. This is the second year in the row that the Mid-Michigan Local Section has won the grand prize in this competition.

The tasting competition, which is 80% of overall score, was judged by Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) official judges. The poster competition, which is 20% of overall score, was judged by AIChE professional members. AIChE professional members also got to participate as guest judges for the People's Choice award.

The AIChE Young Professionals Committee hosted the competition with support from the AIChE Foundation. 


See photos on Flickr.

Award Winners

MMAIChE Saison (Mid-Michigan Local Section), Grand Prize (1st Place)

Brewsburgh Milk Stout (Pittsburgh Local Section), 1st Runner-Up Grand Prize (2nd Place), Best of Show (Tasting Winner from BJCP judges), and People's Choice Award

Bad News Beers American IPA (Baton Rouge Local Section), 2nd Runner-Up Grand Prize (3rd Place)

Standard Boil Co. of New Jersey (New Jersey Local Section), Best Poster Presentation Winner

Double Dagger IPA (Southern California Local Section), Best Beer Name

ChemStations Brewing (South Texas Local Section), Most Efficient Brew (best brewhouse efficiency number)

MMAIChE Beyond a Reasonable Stout (Mid-Michigan Local Section), Biggest Beer (highest starting gravity before fermentation)

Gangs of Brew York, AIChE Staff Team - Lightest Weight Beer (Beer with the lowest percentage alcohol) and Best Beer Label