June 2014 CEP Preview

ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT: Mitigate Air Pollution with Catalytic Technology (click here to read this article now)
Catalytic oxidation and catalytic reduction control emissions by chemically transforming pollutants. Learn what equipment is available and how it works to treat exhaust streams from stationary sources.

BACK TO BASICS: Pressure-Sensors Fundamentals: Interpreting Accuracy and Errors
Before you choose a pressure-measuring instrument, make sure that you fully understand the ins and outs of the manufacturer-provided data.

HEAT TRANSFER: Selecting Thermal Insulation
From rigid boards, blocks, and sheets, to flexible blankets and foams, thermal insulation comes in a variety of forms as well as different materials. Here are some of the latest developments to help you choose the right insulation.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Chile's Mining and Chemicals Industries
With abundant mineral resources, Chile's chemicals industries are dominated by mining, with many of its operations among the world's most productive and important.

COMMENTARY: Educating Students to Become Engineers
An engineer must self-learn 95% of what is needed during a career.

News: Plastics with a Circulatory System for Regeneration ... A Smart Hydrogel Never Overstays Its Welcome ... Nanoparticle Drugs Deliver 1-2-3 Punch ... Hybrid Power Source Flexes Its Muscles ... High-Performance Solar Cells Stack Up

Plus: AIChE Journal Highlight: A Broader Role for the Evolving Engineer ... Catalyzing Commercialization: Ionic Liquids Charge Ahead as Battery Electrolytes ... Career Corner: Is Starting a Consulting Practice Right for You? ... Profile: Manu Prakash: Encouraging Curiosity-Driven Science ... Process Automation Corner: Back to the Future on Energy ... What's New ... Process Safety Beacon: A Safety Device Gone Wrong ... Software and Information Technology ... Product Digest: Laboratory Equipment ... Books ... Institute News: 2013 AIChE Financial Statement; AIChE Fellows; AIChE Foundation News; Member News ... Calendars

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