August 2013 CEP Preview

BACK TO BASICS: A ChE's Guide to Process Burners (click here to read this article now)
Process burners may be classified based on flame shape, emissions, fuel type, and other characteristics. Here's what you need to know to work effectively with a burner manufacturer when selecting a burner for your application.

INSTRUMENTATION: Understand the Basics of Process Analytical Technology
Biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies can reap benefits from PAT, which involves identifying critical process parameters (CPPs) that influence key product attributes and controlling these CPPs to improve process efficiency and product quality.

HEAT TRANSFER: Selecting the Optimal Cooling Tower Fill
The most important action of an evaporative cooling tower occurs on the heat-transfer surface -- called fill -- inside the tower. Follow these guidelines to choose the appropriate fill for your application.

MANAGEMENT: Use Process Mapping to Improve Quality
Process mapping integrates science, engineering, and process knowledge with data and statistics to reveal opportunities for process improvement.

News: Hot Off the Press: The World's First 3D-Printed Battery ... Nonmetal Compound Catalyzes CO2-to-Methanol Reaction ... Iron Catalyst Gives Hydrogenation a Green Makeover ... Semiconductor-less Transistors Are on the Horizon ... Sonic Process Assembles Nanowires ... Putting an Electrochemical Twist on Amine Scrubbing ... Getting the Salt Out of Seawater ... New Adhesive Pickles Aluminum.

Plus: Meeting Preview: Engineer a Sustainable Future: AIChE Annual Meeting, Nov. 3-8, San Francisco ... Spotlight on Safety: Keeping a Sense of Vulnerability ... Patent Update: Computer Implemented Inventions as Patent Subject Matter ... What's New ... AIChE Journal Highlight: Needed: ChEs to Solve Global Challenges ... Process Safety Beacon: Can a Water Pump Explode? ... Software ... Product Digest: Solids Handling ... Career Corner: Becoming a Leader ... Books ... Institute News: AIChE Elects New Fellows; Ammonia Symposium; AIChE Election in Progress; Member News ... Calendars.

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