July 2013 CEP Preview

SAFETY: Use Hydrogen Safely
Understand the potential dangers associated with handling and storing hydrogen, and take the appropriate precautions to mitigate the risks.

SAFETY: Characterize Reactive Chemicals with Calorimetry
In designing and operating chemical manufacturing processes, the reactivity of chemicals must be identified to avoid hazards. Calorimetry experiments combined with analytical methods provide a straightforward technique to identify these reactions and their corresponding hazards.

FLUIDS AND SOLIDS HANDLING: Evaluating Centrifugal Compressor Performance
Follow these practical tips to determine the condition of your centrifugal compressors.

BACK TO BASICS: Biology as a Basis for Biochemical Engineering (click here to read this article now)
Biochemical engineering demonstrates the versatility of the living cell as a miniature reactor. Living cells can be genetically engineered to produce specific proteins, tuned to manufacture novel enzymes, and optimized to guarantee genetic stability and consistent production of desired products.

CHEM ECONOMICS: Shale Gas Spurs Chemical Investment and Job Creation
The U.S. chemical industry's incremental capital investments to capitalize on the benefits offered by domestic shale gas will reach $71.7 billion by 2020.

News: Inkjet-Printed Graphene Rolls Out ... UV Treatment Improves Membrane Selectivity ... Additive Sweetens the Prospects for Organic Electronics ... Inexpensive Materials Go Head-to-Head with Platinum ... New Catalysts Recharge Zinc-Air Batteries ... Protective Coating Connects Electronics and Living Tissue.

Plus: What's New ... Material Matters: Manage the Potential for Equipment Failure with Risk-Based Inspection ... AIChE Journal Highlight: Reduce Water Use in Steam Systems ... Process Safety Beacon: Remembering Piper Alpha ... YPOV: The Virtual Chemistry Set of the 21st Century ... Software ... Product Digest: Measurement Equipment ... Books ... Institute News: 2013 AIChE Election Candidate Platforms; 2012 AIChE Financial Statement; Member News ... Meeting Preview: Middle East Process Engineering Conference (MEPEC 2013) ... Calendars.

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