April 2012 CEP Preview

BACK TO BASICS: Minimize the Risks of Flammable Materials (click

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Flammable materials can cause fires and explosions if they are not handled properly. Understanding these materials and the risks they pose is the first step to mitigating fire hazards.

FLUIDS AND SOLIDS HANDLING: Avoid Bulk Solids Segregation Problems
Bulk solid blend consistency can be difficult to maintain during processing. This article provides an overview of common segregation mechanisms, highlights key sampling techniques, and offers practical guidance on preventing and solving segregation problems.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Taiwan's Chemical Industry: Looking Back and Looking Ahead
Since World War II, Taiwan's chemical industry and economy have escalated dramatically. Self-sufficient in many areas, today Taiwan still faces the challenges imposed by government technical initiatives, international trade policies and regulations, and competition from China and other emerging economies.

News: What We Talk About When We Talk About Carbon Management ... New Nanoglue Sticks to Everything ... Flash Forward: Light Turns Nanowires into Flexible Web ... Fischer-Tropsch Catalyst Converts Biomass into Light Olefins ... Old Zeolite Finds New Role in CO2 Adsorption ... Bio-Materials May Be Next Step Toward Bionics ... Hydrogel Snaps Back from Injury ... Lasers Add p-n Junction to Oxides ... Midas Touch: Gold Boosts Fuel-Cell Catalyst ... Chem Economics: One Year Later: Japan Continues Along Recovery Path

Plus: Letters ... Spotlight on Safety: Process Safety Education: Meeting the New ABET Requirements ... What's New: Interphex Expo Preview; PTXI Expo Preview ... Process Safety Beacon: Unloading the Wrong Material into a Tank ... Software ... Product Digest: Instrumentation ... Books ... Institute News: Election News including Candidates for 2012; New Fellows; Extended Award Deadline; Member News; Calendar ... Profile: Drawing from Experience

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