February 2012 CEP Preview

Heat Transfer: Selecting Baffles for Shell-and-Tube Heat Exchangers (click here to read this article now)
Baffles play a crucial role in regulating shellside fluid flow and improving heat transfer between shellside and tubeside process fluids. Here's how to choose the correct baffle to meet process requirements.

Fluids and Solids Handling: Determining Torque Split for Multiple Impellers in Slurry Mixing
Yield-stress slurries, such as those used in paper, biofuel, and polymer production, can be difficult to mix. This article explains how to determine torque requirements for multiple-impeller slurry-mixing systems to optimize tank geometry and minimize power consumption.

Back to Basics: Environmental Law for Chemical Engineers
A basic understanding of environmental law is beneficial for all chemical engineers. Learn how laws are proposed, made, and implemented, and ways to avoid incurring unnecessary penalties.

News: Biomass-to-Chemicals Technology Receives U.S. Patent ... New Bandage Spurs Blood Vessel Growth ... Zeolite Boosts Aromatics Yield from Biomass ... EPA Publishes the First GHG Emissions Tally ... Engineers Get Attached to Their Jobs ... Quick-Cooking Nanomaterials Pave the Way to State-of-the-Art Refrigeration ... Researchers Spin Carbon Fiber into Quantum Dots ... Graphene Puts the Brakes on Overheating ... Chem Economics: Light Vehicles Drive Bright Future for Plastics ... and more.

Plus: Letters ... Meeting Preview: AIChE Spring Meeting and 8th Global Congress on Process Safety ... Patent Update: Supplement Your Patent Estate with Trade Secrets ... Spotlight on Safety: Why I Am Passionate about Process Safety ... Process Safety Beacon: Mechanical Integrity -- The Bolts Are Too Short! ... What's New ... Product Digest: Materials ... Software ... Books ... Institute News: New Fellows; SIOC Organizes K-12 Outreach Coalition; Member News; Award Deadlines; Calendar.

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