September CEP Preview


: Measuring Temperature by Direct Contact
Thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors are the most common contacting temp-erature sensors. Understand the techniques and apply them correctly to increase your temperature measurement accuracy.

SOLIDS HANDLING: Designing Dust Collectors
To assure reliable and safe operation of a dust collector, apply the basic principles of chute and hopper design -- which are based on the dust's fundamental flow properties.

FLUIDS HANDLING: The Flange Factor in Gasket Selection
Gaskets should be chosen based on service conditions, as well as the type of flanges to be sealed. These principles will help to guide the selection.

SAFETY: Determine the Right Eye Protection (Click here to read this article now.)
Wearing the appropriate protective eyewear begins with a thorough safety assessment. These guidelines clarify how to identify hazards and select protective equipment to avoid eye injuries.

NEWS FEATURE: Learn From the Experts at the 2011 Chem Show
Find out how to deal with common challenges in fluids and solids handling, equipment selection, energy management, and more.

News: Graphite Oxide Plays Double Agent as a Supercapacitor ... Molecules Link Like Tiny Wires to Form Circuits ... Tin-Graphene Anode Boosts Li-Ion Battery Capacity ... Skin-Like Electronic Patches Monitor Health On the Go ... Liquid Ammonia Improves Cellulosic Biomass Conversion ... Chem Economics: Chemistry and Energy Efficiency ... AIChE Journal Highlight: Using Conceptual Process Design to Develop Renewable Energy Technologies ... and more.

Plus: Process Automation Corner: Business Research: What Is It and Why Is It Important? ... Process Safety Beacon: Hazards from Abandoned Equipment ... Meeting Previews: Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) Brasil, Rio de Janeiro, Oct. 4-6; Regional Process Technology Conference, Galveston, TX, Oct. 6-7 ... What's New ... Product Digest: Security ... Software ... Books ... Institute News: New Fellows; International Activities; WISE Interns; Member News; Calendar ... We're History: How Animal Electricity Got a Life of its Own.

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