July 2011 CEP Preview

Reactions and Separations: Don't Let Baffle Tray Flood Baffle You
Use this new correlation based on window liquid velocity to predict baffle tray capacity.

Process Development: Reduce Piloting Time and Cost
Pilot-scale experimentation is essential to establish a sound foundation for a new chemical processing unit. These best practices can reduce the time and cost involved in process development.

Process Development: Developing Screening Cost Estimates
Making decisions based on estimates derived from weak data is counterproductive. Use this established methodology to prepare scoping and screening cost estimates for pilot plants quickly and accurately.

Back to Basics: Selecting the Proper Flare System
Flares allow for the safe, effective disposal of gases and liquids, by acting as relief devices when a plant must quickly dispose of product within its system to prevent overpressurization and potential explosions.

News: Fungus Helps to Improve Ethanol Economics ... Students Design Portable Hydrogen Reactor for Fuel Cell Batteries ... DOE Identifies Cost-Effective Solar-Powered Hydrogen Route ... Making Space Disappear to Charge Electronic Devices ... Flowery Defects Increase Graphene Flexibility ... Invisibility Cloak Sneaks Drugs into Body ... Fluorescent Nanotubes Allow Researchers to See Inside Mice ... Imprinting Technique Creates Nanodevices ... Mass-Spec Technique Detects Chemicals on Fruit ... Supercomputer Sets New Record in Molecular Simulation ... Chem Economics: Chemistry Innovation and Economic Growth ... AIChE Journal Highlight: Chemical Engineering in a Complex World: Challenges and Opportunities

Plus: Meeting Preview: Latin American Process Safety Conference, Buenos Aires, Aug. 8-10 ... Bio Beat: A Speed Date with Chocolate ... Process Safety Beacon: Shift Work ... What's New ... Product Digest: Valves ... Software ... Institute News: Director Candidate Statements; AIChE 2010 Financial Statement; Member News; Calendar ... We're History: The Chemical Woman

The July 2011 issue of CEP is now available online. AIChE members receive access to CEP, including a searchable archive of issues dating back to 2001, online at www.aiche.org/cep.