April 2011 CEP Preview


Meeting the Needs of the Water-Energy Nexus (click here to read this article now)
Water is required to produce energy, and energy is required to make use of water -- the two are, and always will be, inextricably linked. Engineers must understand the water-energy nexus in order to manage both efficiently and sustainably.

Reduce Your Plant's Water Footprint
Water footprint reduction and water pollution prevention are integral to any environmental sustainability initiative. Use this rigorous, systematic process to conduct a baseline water assessment that integrates water pollution prevention and water conservation objectives.

Fluids and Solids Handling: Identifying Corrosion and Its Causes
An important first step in maintaining equipment reliability and efficiency is understanding the various types of corrosion damage that can occur.

BACK TO BASICS: Choose the Proper Level Measurement Technique
Match the appropriate sensor to the intended application for accurate level measurement.

GLOBAL OUTLOOK: Chemical Engineering in China: Past, Present and Future
The need to address ecological problems stemming from China's burgeoning industrial growth is the impetus behind many recent developments in China's surging chemical industry.

News: Silver-Diamond Composite Cools Microelectronics ... New Nanoparticles Could Safely Deliver AIDS Vaccine ... Improvements to Solar Cells Could Make Them Cheaper and More Efficient ... Superhalogens Have Magnetic and Oxidizing Properties ... Liquid Metal Speeds Microfluidic Electrode Fabrication ... Nanomembranes Filter Bacteria from Water ... Gold Nanoparticles can Detect Tumor Cells ... Nanowires can be Assembled on Stretched Rubber ... Chem Economics: The Business of Chemistry in "The Pacific Century"... Perspective: Using Continuous Flow Processing for Chemical Manufacturing

Plus: Meeting Previews: AIChE/DECHEMA Conference on Energy Sustainability in the Process Industries (Hong Kong, June 5-8) ... Bio Beat: ICBE Explores Biology at the Molecular Level ... What's New: Offshore Technology Conference Exhibit Preview... Process Safety Beacon: Don't Let a Small Leak Become a BIG Leak ... Product Digest: Safety Equipment ... Software ... Profile: Mary Ellen Ternes -- A Natural Fit for Environmental Law ... Institute News: Election News; New AIChE Fellows; AIChE Web Forum; Award Nominations Deadline Extended; Member News

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