February 2011 CEP Preview

k to Basics: Understanding Steam Traps

Steam trap failure can affect process operations and reduce profits. Choosing the right steam traps can improve reliability and reduce cost.

Safety: Minimize Mechanical Integrity Budget Battles
Chemical processing and manufacturing plants must ensure the mechanical integrity of their equipment. These strategies and tactics can make doing so easier when budget issues arise.

Computational Methods: Correlate Data Effectively
Follow these nine simple rules to avoid common pitfalls and get better results.

News Feature: Bringing the Magic of Invisibility to Life (click here to read this article now).
Harry Potter's invisibility cloak -- and similar gadgets that conceal people, objects, and events -- might someday become realities, thanks to a new class of materials.

News: Periodic Table of Elements Gets a New Look ... Better Nanowires Make Better Batteries ... Engineers Develop Bullet-Resistant Glass ... New Glass is Stronger than Steel ... Nanoscoops Could Usher in a New Generation of Batteries ... Nanochannels Enhance Proton Transport... Removing Pollutants with Iron ... EPA Releases Toxic-Release Analysis ... Cleaning Up Nuclear Contamination ... Chem Economics: China Will Soon Have the Largest Chemical Industry

Plus: Process Safety Beacon: Understand the Reactivity of Your Heat-Transfer Fluid ... What's New ... Institute News: AIChE Elects New Fellows AIChE Members Elected Fellows of AAAS; ChE Students Receive Energy-Management Scholarships; Member News ... Profile: The Tower Doctor -- Henry Z. Kister

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