Five Ways to Celebrate Engineers Week 2024

Engineers Week 2024 (February 18–24) is a time to celebrate the important work of engineers and to inspire the next generation of innovators. Here are some of the ways you can recognize Engineers Week and support its mission as an AIChE member:

1. Explore the careers of other chemical engineers

We’ve been interviewing  chemical engineers who work in a wide range of areas to share a glimpse of how others in the industry are applying their chemical engineering education and passion for science. The videos are a great way to learn about other areas of chemical engineering, and they’re also great for sharing with those interested in learning about the many possibilities the field has to offer. Visit the Pathways of a ChemE series to watch the videos. 

2. Take advantage of downloadable K–12 STEM activities

Whether you already work with children interested in science, or want to find ways to share your interests with them, you should check out the many activities and materials available through AIChE’s K–12 Community. Also have a look at the wide range of downloadable materials from eDiscovery’s activity page. And if you're interested in getting becoming more active in STEM outreach, find ways to get involved by joining AIChE's K–12 Community

3. Help build a stronger AIChE community 

AIChE is only as vital as its membership, so help foster an even more vibrant community by inviting other chemical engineers you know to join us and enrich the organization. One great suggestion you can make is to consider the AIChE Explorer membership, which allows new members to get know us before they commit to a full Pro Membership. 

4. Spark a STEM discussion with a short film

In about 10 minutes, Chemistry Short’s great films can get students thinking and talking about the possibilities science makes possible. The most recent one looked at the complex science behind ice cream.  We’ve featured five other short films in a series, and topics range from CRISPR-Cas9 to direct air capture to new water sources.  You can also find these short films — and accompanying classroom materials — on Chemistry Short’s site at

5. Give back

Whether funding industry and academic awards, the AIChE K-12 initiative, or promoting diversity in the profession, the AIChE Foundation provides funding for impactful programs that support AIChE’s mission and promote the advancement of the chemical engineering profession, today and in the future.

Give today.