May 2023 CEP Preview


Predictive Maintenance Basics for Process Safety Engineers

Condition-based monitoring technologies can support both equipment reliability and process safety goals.

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Building Biological Radar for Global Biosecurity

Biological threats, whether natural or engineered, will continue to emerge at an accelerating pace. To keep up, a new approach to biomonitoring is needed.

Plant Operations

Lessons Learned from Vacuum System Troubleshooting

If not designed and operated correctly, vacuum systems can be prone to fouling, ice formation, and other issues that can affect product quality.

Career Catalyst

Encouraging the Entrepreneurial Mindset of Chemical Engineers

Addressing the increasingly complex problems facing engineers today will require more than technical knowledge. Students and engineers alike are tackling global challenges by adopting an entrepreneurial mindset. 


  • Inventing a “Smart” Bandage for Chronic Wounds
  • New Study Investigates the Best Time to Charge Electric Vehicles
  • Improving Air Quality by Capturing and Separating Benzene
  • Making Concrete More Environmentally Friendly
  • Early Research Proves Synthesizing Polyester from CO2 is Possible


  • Editorial:Help Wanted: ChE Entrepreneurs
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Enhanced Chemical Imaging with Nano-DESI Mass Spectrometry
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Modeling the Electrical Double Layer in Electrochemical Desalination Processes
  • Process Safety Beacon: Wrong Material + Wrong Tank = Trouble
  • New Products: Operations and Maintenance; Environmental, Health, and Safety; Heat Transfer; Laboratory Equipment; Engineering Services; Materials and Chemicals; Instrumentation; Fluids and Solids Handling
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Process Technologies Are Key to Industrial Decarbonization
  • Emerging Voices: Benefits of Knowing a Foreign Language as a Chemical Engineer
  • Books
  • Institute News
    • Recap: 2023 AIChE Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety
    • Meet Some of AIChE’s New Fellows
    • Free Download: 2022 AIChE Annual Report
    • In Memoriam: José Luis Bravo

The May issue of CEP is now available on the AIChE website, on the CEP app, and as a digital flipbook.