Apply Now for the AIChE Executive Student Committee

We are very excited to announce that the Executive Student Committee (ESC) is now accepting applications for the 2023–24 academic year. Apply now at

About us

The ESC is the Institute’s only student-run committee intended to help student chapters get the most out of AIChE. More specifically, the ESC seeks to:

  • Help improve student chapters
  • Encourage inter-chapter communication
  • Serve as the liaison between student chapters and the Institute
  • Motivate student chapter members to be active in other aspects of AIChE
  • Encourage student members to remain active in AIChE beyond graduation

We are undergraduate chemical engineering students from all over the world who collaborate to provide resources and opportunities to student chapters. The ESC organizes a variety of programs and events like the Sister Chapter Program, K-12 Outreach, and Presidents Meetings at student conferences.

If you are interested in learning more about the ESC, please visit our website here.

Opportunities available

Serving on the ESC offers you the opportunity to be involved with AIChE at an international level, to grow and improve your leadership skills, and to collaborate and build relationships with other professional and undergraduate AIChE volunteers.

The ESC is currently accepting applications for all of its 18 subcommittees:

  • Regional Subcommittees (14x)
  • Conference Experience Subcommittee
  • K-12 Outreach Subcommittee
  • Sister Chapter Subcommittee
  • Publications Subcommittee

Each subcommittee provides its own unique opportunities, and applicants are welcome to apply for any or all. To learn more about the subcommittee positions available, please read the ESC position descriptions.


Joining the ESC is a great way to gain leadership experience, grow your professional network, and bolster your resume. Those interested in joining must apply online by June 7, 2023. The application is available on the ESC website here: Please direct questions to