Announcing Launch of CHS’s Hydrogen Safety Credential

Keeping pace with hydrogen’s growing role in the clean energy transition, the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS) – the global authority on the safe use and handling of hydrogen – is marking its third anniversary by releasing a Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential. The Credential equips professionals with the latest, most comprehensive training material on safe hydrogen use.

Why the Hydrogen Safety Credential is important for industry

CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential answers the growing call for training and preparedness for the industrial use of hydrogen and highlights the industry’s commitment and readiness to deploy it safely, instilling stakeholder and public confidence. By advocating the credential and its associated safety training, industry stakeholders can:

  • Build a more qualified, knowledgeable, and prepared workforce
  • Safeguard the public with credentialed employees who demonstrate a defined level of proficiency
  • Provide their organization with a competitive advantage as prospective customers decide on the best partner

What the Hydrogen Safety Credential does for employees and organizations

CHS’ Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential demonstrates an employee’s understanding of hydrogen’s properties and best practices for handling it safely. The credential is designed for employees whose work exposes them to hydrogen equipment or systems. To earn the credential, the employee completes focused courses and an exam. It is renewable every 3 years with an additional exam. Companies with credentialed employees will have a competitive advantage when bidding on projects and seeing partners.

Topics covered through the Hydrogen Safety Credential

The nine fundamental courses cover these topics: hydrogen as an energy carrier, properties and hazards, safety planning, facility design, equipment and components, liquid systems, material compatibility, system operation, and inspection & maintenance.

How the Hydrogen Safety Credential is administered

The CHS Fundamental Hydrogen Safety Credential is administered through AIChE Academy, which is part of the Institute for Learning & Innovation (ILI). You can get details on the credential on this CHS Credential page and apply for it through AIChE Academy.