July 2021 CEP Preview


The ubiquity of plastics and the lack of easy and cheap recycling techniques have resulted in waste plastics accumulating in landfills and encroaching on the environment. The current, linear paradigm of produce, consume, and discard is in need of a complete overhaul. This special section addresses some of the work being done to curb the threat of waste plastics and establish a circular plastics economy.

  • Forge a More Sustainable Path
  • One Lab's War Against the Plastics Pileup  Read this article
  • Advancing a Circular Economy
  • Transforming the Science and Technology of Plastics Recycling

Heat Transfer

Optimize Reboiler Performance  via Effective Condensate Drainage 

Reboilers, particularly those that use inlet steam control (ISC), can suffer from control and maintenance issues related to condensate backup. Observe these key design considerations to help debottleneck underperforming reboilers. 

Reactions and Separations

Parting Boxes Can Make or Break Packed Tower Performance — Part II: Spargers with Dip Tubes 

Using dip tubes to deliver liquid into a packed tower’s parting box can significantly improve liquid distribution.

News Update

  • Researchers Develop Novel Protein-Based Flu Vaccine
  • A Better Beating Miniature Heart
  • Microparticles Help Save the Bees
  • Making Wind Turbines Work Together
  • Turning Food Scraps into Construction Materials
  • 3D Bioprinting Method Could Transform the Pharmaceutical Industry


  • Editorial: Reexamine Your Relationship with Plastics
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: A Fast, Cost-Effective Path to Decarbonization of Heavy-Duty Vehicles 
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: The Future of Refineries: A Separations Perspective
  • Process Safety Beacon: Cybersecurity and Plant Operations
  • New Products: Environmental, Health, and Safety; Fluids and Solids Handling; Instrumentation; Materials and Chemicals; Operations and Maintenance; Laboratory Equipment; Bioprocessing; Software
  • Emerging Voices: Keep Your Job and Earn Your MBA
  • ChE in Context: Understanding the U.S. Chemical Safety Board
  • Institute News
    • 2021 AIChE Election Candidate Platforms 
    • Laurencin Selected as 2021 Hoover Medalist
    • RAPID Institute Names Palou-Rivera as CTO 

The July issue of CEP is now available on the AIChE website, on the CEP app, and as a digital flipbook.