April 2019 CEP Preview


Manage the Risks of Severe Wind and Flood Events

In the chemical process industries, natural disasters are commonly thought of as “Acts of God.” However, the risks of such events can be diminished with the right planning and preparation.

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Reactions and Separations

Optimize Aspect Ratio in Industrial Fermenters

The ratio of a fermenter’s liquid height to diameter can impact its heat-transfer surface area, blend time, and required agitator power. This article describes the factors that go into determining the optimum aspect ratio for a given set of conditions.


Create a Strong Safety Awareness Across Biosafety Levels

Understanding differences in microbial hazards and handling procedures is key to ensuring occupational safety when working with biohazard materials.

Back to Basics

Build a Combined Heat and Power Model from Scratch

Develop a thermodynamic combined heat and power (CHP) model to help optimize plant utility usage.


  • Body Armor Inspired by Lobster Membranes
  • Novel Porous Carbon Fibers Store Energy
  • Researchers Discover New Crystal Structure
  • Using Ammonia as a Clean-Energy Solution
  • Placenta-on-a-Chip Models Caffeine Passage to Fetus
  • Engineers Use Recycled Car Tires to Produce Fire-Resistant Concrete


  • Editorial: Resolve to Better the Planet
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Creating Novel Bimetallic Catalysts for Methanol Fuel Cells
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Striking the Right Balance Between Model Detail and Experimental Data
  • New Products: Instrumentation; Fluids and Solids Handling
  • Offshore Technology Conference Expo Preview
  • Process Safety Beacon: What If That “Wrong” Instrument Reading Is Correct?
  • Profile: A Journey from Tehran: Overcoming a Revolution
  • Technical Entity Trends: Improving Bioproduct Synthesis with Cell-Free Systems
  • Career Connections: Redefining Career Success
  • Advanced Manufacturing Progress: Membranes Are a Flexible Intensification Solution
  • The ChE in Context: PAIC Reorganizes to Pursue AIChE’s Strategic Objectives
  • Institute News:
    • AIChE Announces Candidates for 2019 Officer Election
    • AIChE Launches Center for Hydrogen Safety
    • Ecolab Advances AIChE's Initiatives to Promote Safety and Diversity in the Engineering Workforce
    • AIChE Members Named Fellows of The National Academy of Inventors
    • AIChE Establishes Climate Solutions Community
    • Air Products' Donation Advances AIChE's LGBTQ+ & Allies Endowment

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