Celebrate Engineers Week

STEM Volunteers: Discover DiscoverE

This month, engineers will engage in community and classroom K–12 outreach projects during Engineers Week 2019 (Feb. 17–23). E-Week volunteers will discover a great collaborator in DiscoverE, the founder organization of Engineers Week, Future City, and other science, engineering, technology, and math (STEM) outreach programs that are inspiring K–12 students (and their mentors) everywhere.

The nonprofit DiscoverE offers outstanding educational resources, including instructions for hundreds of hands-on demonstrations and a slate of annual activities that STEM volunteers can join or adapt for local needs. DiscoverE’s web site is loaded with inspiring ideas, lesson plans, and planning kits — much of it available as free downloads. Volunteer opportunities are plentiful.

Here’s what’s on the horizon from DiscoverE:

Engineers Week 2019  Engineers: Invent Amazing, Feb. 17–23  E-Week is an annual celebration of the ways engineers make a difference in the world. DiscoverE is the definitive source for E-Week planning kits and hands-on science demonstrations that bring engineering to life for students, educators, and parents.

DiscoverE programs during E-Week include:

Future City Competition Finals, Feb. 19  Washington, DC  The international Future City Competition challenges middle-school students to imagine, design, and build virtual cities of the future, with an eye toward solving societal problems. Students use SimCity software to design their solution to a city-wide issue, and then build a scale model of their city. Volunteers are needed year-round to coach student teams and judge the regional and final competitions.

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, Feb. 21  Role models wanted: “Girl Day” is a movement aimed at inspiring grade-school girls to find a calling in engineering. ChE role models share their knowledge and experiences, giving girls the chance to think like an engineer for a day. There’s still time to become a Girl Day role model. Sign up at DiscoverE.

Beginning Mar. 6, AIChE members can find volunteer opportunities in DiscoverE’s month-long Global Marathon to inspire women in engineering and technology. The Marathon culminates on Apr. 3 with the Global Day of the Engineer.

AIChE members who want to participate in AIChE’s own K–12 activities — including the launch of a new K–12 Committee — should write to K12Outreach@aiche.org.

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