January 2019 CEP Preview

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The Caltech 6: America’s First and Only All-Female Class of ChEs

The lives of six women reflect how far we have come, and how much further we have to go.

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Optimize Fan Performance

A fan upgrade can be a win-win. Understand the basics of fan operation to achieve better fan performance and reduce energy consumption.


Select the Right Nonlinear Control Technique

Not all systems are compatible with a PID controller. Simple methods can maximize the control performance in nonlinear systems.

Reactions and Separations

Evaluate Catalyst Replacement Economics: Part 1 — Periodic Replacement

When is it time for fresh catalyst in your fixed-bed reactor? This article gives you the tools to determine the optimal replacement interval.


Is Your Hot Work Safety Zone Actually Safe?

Hot work safety zone boundaries are often based on fixed criteria, which fail to take into account changing conditions at the worksite and undetected gas leaks.


  • An Embroidered Battery for Wearable Biosensors
  • Engineers Develop the First Personalized Tissue Implant
  • Nanoparticles Dance for Drug Delivery
  • Turning Waste Plastics into Fuel
  • Creating a Window that Rejects Heat by Changing Color


  • Editorial: Engineering Stories
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Quantum-Dot Windows Produce Low-Cost Renewable Energy
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Nanoparticulate Polymer Brushes: A Gateway for Complex Fluids Engineering
  • Process Safety Beacon: Share Stories to Communicate Safety
  • New Products: Materials and Chemicals; Software; Instrumentation; Environmental, Health and Safety
  • Technical Entity Trends: A Better Burger
  • YPOV: An Alternate Route: Working Before Graduate School
  • The ChE in Context: Perspectives on Industrial Water Reuse
  • Books
  • Calendars
  • Institute News
    • President’s Corner: What Does the Membership Model of the Future Look Like?
    • Gala Lauds Pfizer, Covestro for Inspiring Women Engineers; Nance Dicciani Receives Doing a World of Good Medal
    • Institute and Board of Directors’ Award Nominations Due Feb. 15

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