TJ Wojnar and Kamel Ben-Naceur on the Future of Energy in the Region, Nation, and World

Karl Johnson, Meeting Program Chair for the 2018 AIChE Annual Meeting and the W.K. Whiteford Professor and Associate Director of the Center for Research Computing at the University of Pittsburgh, interviewed Kamel Ben-Naceur and TJ Wojnar

Kamel Ben-Naceur is the Chief Economist at ADNOC and TJ Wojnar is the Vice President of Corporate Strategic Planning at Exxon Mobil Corporation. They both presented as plenary speakers in the session: “The Future of Energy in the Region, Nation and World.”

Watch their discussion on the impact that shale gas production will have on the energy and petrochemical landscape of the region and country over the next few decades, the technological roadblocks to a long-term sustainable energy future and what fundamental science questions need to be answered to address these roadblocks, and the best way that young chemical engineers can make a positive impact on our energy future.