October 2018 CEP Preview

Career Catalyst

Give a Great Presentation

You might be the one on stage, but the audience is the star of any good presentation. Follow this guidance to keep your focus on them.

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On the Horizon

Revisiting the Future of Chemical Engineering

Some of the profession’s thought leaders share their visions of the future of chemical engineering.

On the Horizon

Introduction to Deep Learning: Part 2

A truly intelligent system is one that can learn on its own. This article delves into more-complex neural networks that underpin deep learning, the technology that is revolutionizing artificial intelligence.

Environmental Management

Consider Wet Scrubbers for Pollution Control

Three main types of wet scrubbers are used in the chemical process industries (CPI) to remove contaminants from gas streams. The differences and suggested applications for each are discussed here.

Reactions and Separations

Improve Regeneration of Adsorbent Beds

Evaluating adsorbent bed process design and regeneration procedures can provide opportunities for optimization, ultimately reducing operating costs and emissions.

Back to Basics

Implement Advanced Process Control

An advanced process control (APC) application is only as good as its weakest link. Ensure its stability from the ground up by building a solid foundation.

News Update

  • Researchers Make First Electrical Contact with Molecules
  • Robots Run on Popcorn Power
  • The Strongest Material Known to Man Is Now Printable
  • Weaponized Oxygen Can Destroy Drug-Resistant Pathogens
  • This Electric Car Could Operate for 100 Years
  • Silicone Material Is Inspired by Beetle Feet


  • Editorial: Reflecting on the Future
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Unlocking the Power of RNA Interference for Insect Pest Management
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Multiphasic Liquids as the Basis of Nanomaterials Manufacturing
  • Process Safety Beacon: Energy Is Hazardous, Too
  • New Products: Materials and Chemicals; Instrumentation; Plant Operations
  • Profile: Drew Gahagan: A Bakery Is Really Just a Small Plant
  • Career Corner: Have You Been Bitten by the Entrepreneurship Bug?
  • The ChE in Context: Member Voices Shaping AIChE’s Climate Change Policy
  • Technical Entity Trends: Moving to Mars
  • Books
  • Institute News:
    • 2018 Board of Directors’ and Institute Award Recipients
    • RAPID Manufacturing Institute Announces 2018 Project Selections
    • Workplace Inclusion Highlights Annual Meeting Sessions

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