Featured Engage Discussions: January, 2018

As always, there are some great discussions happening on AIChE Engage's Discussion Central. If you haven't yet participated, hop on over and share your opinions, or just have a look.

The person that helped you succeed

Young professional Eun Ji Chung asks the community if they could name one person who helped them succeed in their career and why. Also, how can you strive to provide a legacy of mentorship and influence?

Share your story.

Chemical engineers' role in the American economy

Christina Borgese, VP of Development for PreProcess, asks about the role of chemical engineers in building the American economy.

This is a lively discussion poised to generate many opinions like that of Joe Cramer, AIChE Fellow and PE, who states:

...a chemical engineer never forgets that they have to make or produce something useful in the real world on a large scale and in a reproducible manner efficiently at an affordable price.

What are your experiences?

Risk management

On the process safety front, Aljazi Alshareef, solicits knowledge and experiences from AIChE members on the following questions:

  • How can we mitigate the risk in industry?
  • What is the impact of a safety team on avoiding incidents?

Share your knowledge and experiences.

Making Presentations

AIChE members discuss the skill of making presentations that audiences can learn from. Some posts offer critiques and others offer tips for good presentations. Peter Blaser offers some questions the presenter should ask herself:

  • Why should the audience care?
  • What is the implication of the work?
  • What problem is being solved? 

Do you have any tips?

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