UConn Engineers Without Borders Project in Ethiopia [Interview]

The 2016 EWB grant recipients Jennifer Skoog and Tom D’Auria from the University of Connecticut sat down to discuss their work in Wereta Zuria Kebele, Ethiopia.

Because the Ethiopian town's three-month rainy season provides the only agricultural water source for the entire year, the UConn students' goal is to expand and improve the small-scale irrigation network in the agriculture-dependent community. The implementation of a small-scale irrigation system will maximize water retention and extend the current infrastructure to more fields. 

Joining the grant recipients in this video is AIChE fellow and senior engineering associate for Air Products John Cirucci. John is an active member of Engineers Without Borders-USA and founder of EWB Lehigh Valley Professionals Chapter. John interviewed the team to learn more about their project, the most challenging aspects of working with their respective community, and how their projects affected the community and the grant recipients themselves.

The Engineers Without Borders Grant Award is sponsored by AIChE’s Societal Impact Operating Council (SIOC) and supported by the AIChE Foundation’s Doing a World of Good Campaign.