Meet Chemical Engineer and MIT Professor Paula Hammond

As part of the ongoing series "Storied Women," MIT recently featured Paula T. Hammond, who is the David H. Koch Chair Professor of Engineering in the Chemical Engineering Department at MIT. 

Hammond's research program focuses on the self-assembly of polymeric nanomaterials. The core of her work is the use of electrostatics and other complementary interactions to generate functional materials with highly controlled architectures, including the development of new biomaterials and electrochemical energy devices. You can learn more about the work carried out at the Hammond Lab here

Hammond is also an active member of AIChE and the Society for Biological Engineering (SBE). To just name just a few of her AIChE affiliations and roles, she is an AIChE Fellow, a member of the Materials Engineering & Sciences Division and Nanoscale Science & Engineering Forum, and is department chair for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Student Chapter.  

For a brief overview of Hammond's career in chemical engineering, watch the video above, and check out her profile on Engage for additional details about her career.