Session Co-Chair Invites You to Faculty Candidates Poster Session

One of the most popular sessions for Annual Meeting attendees is our Faculty Candidates Poster Session, developed by co-chair Roman Voronov. Here's my recent interview with him about this session.

What is your role for the 2016 Annual Meeting in San Francisco?

I am the co-chair of this year's Meet the Faculty Candidates Poster Session. I also collaborate with the American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE) on developing a teaching resource, the ChE Faculty Candidates Resource Center, meant to help prospective young candidates find a faculty job in academia.

What was your inspiration for developing the Meet the Faculty Candidates session?

Much like other Ph.D. students, I went through the frustrating process of job hunting. I came to realize there were no centralized resources available to provide guidance, or even an example of what an academic packet should look like. With this as my motivation, I got involved with chairing the "Meet the Faculty Candidate Poster Session," which provides candidates with an opportunity to meet potential employers at the AIChE Annual Meeting. Having gone through the job hunt multiple times, I ultimately became faculty and wanted to share all that I had learned about the process. Now I have experienced both job hunting and the other side of the coin via serving on multiple search committees. 

What are you hoping attendees will learn from this event?

My ultimate goal is to give faculty, recruiters, and department chairs a platform to speak directly with current graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who are seeking faculty positions. In short, this session is a great opportunity to advertise yourself! You can also learn more about the site we developed for faculty candidates.

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Prof Roman S Voronov, MS, PhD

Roman S. Voronov is an assistant professor at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Prior to his appointment, he was a AHA Postdoctoral Fellow in the Department of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania under the guidance of Prof. Scott Diamond.

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