February 2016 CEP Preview


Predict Incidents with Process Safety Performance Indicators

Become a seer of process safety incidents with carefully chosen process safety performance indicators (PSPIs). A PSPI program developed using the barrier-based or tier-based approach will serve as your crystal ball.

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PID Explained for Process Engineers: Part 2 — Tuning Coefficients

The appropriate values for the proportional, integral, and derivative mode tuning coefficients for a PID controller must reflect the behavior of the process and the desired performance from the control loop.


Modeling Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte Systems

The fundamental thermodynamic equations developed for aqueous electrolyte systems provide a springboard for modeling the more-complex and less-understood mixed-solvent electrolytes.


Designing Polymerization Reaction Systems

Important considerations in polymerization reactor design include heat removal, kinetics, and process dynamics, as well as polymer properties and product quality.


  • A Bio-Inspired Catalyst Makes Hydrogen
  • Self-Assembling Nanoflasks Speed Up Chemical Reactions
  • Gene-Editing Technique May Treat Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
  • Smart Material Releases Heat On Demand
  • Taking Away a Metal’s Shine
  • Weaving Molecular Threads into Cloths


  • Technical Entity Trends: Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage (CCUS)
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Spray-Formed Magnetic Composite Radically Improves Electric Motor Performance
  • Career Corner: Volunteering Is Good for Your Career
  • Process Safety Beacon: Overflowing Tanks
  • Spotlight on Safety: Process Safety Begins in the School Laboratory
  • Profile: Lydia Beall: Inspiring Tomorrow’s Engineers
  • Meeting Preview: 2016 AIChE Spring Meeting and 12th Global Congress on Process Safety, Apr. 10–14, Houston, TX
  • New Products
  • Product Focus: Solids Handling
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  • Institute News:
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    • Institute and Board Award Nominations Due February 15
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