January 2016 CEP Preview


Navigating Oil Price Volatility

After several years of stability, oil prices plummeted to record lows in mid-2014. This, along with increased natural gas production in North America, has radically changed the basic economics of the chemical industry.

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Leadership Q&A

Taking the Lead on Process Safety

Leadership Q&A is a new column focused on leadership and management. C-suite executives will talk with CEP's senior editor to discuss how they've overcome challenges, strategies for successful leadership, and tools and skills that have been effective during their tenure, among other topics. This debut column will be separate Q&As with each of the 2015 AIChE gala award recipients on process safety leadership.

Technical Entity Trends

Welcome to the TENT

Technical Entity Trends (TENT) is a new monthly CEP column written by the staff of AIChE's Technical Entities (TEs). The TEs are communities of chemical engineers and other professionals that address some of society's grand challenges: health and nutrition, energy, environment and sustainability, water, and more. TENT will explore trending topics related to the TEs' areas of specialization, and will introduce you to some of the projects and initiatives that the TEs are working on.


Standing Out Is the New Fitting In

Shirk conventions and express your individuality. You and your employer will benefit.


PID Explained for Process Engineers: Part 1 — The Basic Control Equation

The differential equation for PID control contains three possible modes: proportional, integral, and derivative. This article describes the control equation in language that process engineers can readily understand.


Minimize the Risk of Legionella Contamination in Industrial Cooling Towers

A new ASHRAE standard addresses Legionella in building water systems. Industrial facilities can apply the same risk-based decision-making approach to their cooling towers.


  • Hybrid Material Delivers a One-Two Punch
  • Bifunctional Catalyst Upgrades Ethanol to Butanol
  • Green Coating Repels Water Better than Fluorocarbons
  • New Way to Screen CO2 Hydrogenation Catalysts
  • Power Paper Flexes, Creases, and Stores Electricity
  • Smart Bandage Senses, Lights Up, and Delivers Drugs
  • Hidden Wires Could Boost Solar Cell Efficiency



  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Developing Transformational Carbon Capture and Storage Technologies
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: New Fermentation Technology Improves Ethanol Yields
  • Process Safety Beacon: Hydrate Hazards
  • Material Matters: Predicting High-Temperature Hydrogen Attack
  • Young Professionals Point of View: Consider a Career in the Water Industry
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