November 2015 CEP Preview


Toxicology 101

Every substance can be toxic, depending on the dose and frequency of exposure. This article outlines the basics of toxicology and explores where the research in this field is heading.

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The Malaysian Chemicals Industry: From Commodities to Manufacturing

A wealth of natural resources is an advantage for Malaysia's chemicals industry. Since it became independent in the mid-20th century, the country has evolved from a commodities-based economy into a technology and engineering hub.


Design Principles for Liquid-Liquid Extraction

Many factors must be considered when developing a liquid-liquid extraction process. Here are some of the important parameters to consider as you go from laboratory testing to commercial-scale operation.



Patents: Crossing the Novelty Threshold

Only inventions that are novel qualify for patent protection. Sometimes the novelty of an idea is not readily apparent. Understand where novelty lies so you can identify patentable ideas in your routine engineering work.


  • Polymer Additive Improves Jet Fuel Safety
  • Invisibility Cloak Bends Light to Boost Solar Cell Output
  • Building a Better Trap for CO2
  • New Cathode Material Crystallizes Fate of Na-Ion Batteries
  • Consolidated Bioprocessing Boosts Isobutanol Production
  • Biomolecules Self-Assemble, No Equipment Required
  • Major Oil Companies Commit to Climate Change Action


  • AIChE Journal® Highlight: A Sustainable Approach to Process Safety
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: New Process Moves Gecko-Like Adhesives into the Mainstream
  • Process Safety Beacon: Wrong Hose Causes Ammonia Leak
  • Spotlight on Safety: Enable Employee Growth and Success
  • Young Professionals Point of View: A New Norm for the PhD Workforce?
  • Software
  • Books
  • Product Digest: Heat Transfer
  • Calendars
  • Institute News
    • AIChE® and Society for Biological Engineering Launch Bioengineering & Translational Medicine Journal
    • 2015 Board of Directors' and Institute Awards
    • SBE Announces Bailey and Wang Awardees
    • AIChE, Founder Engineering Societies, Join Giving Tuesday Challenge
    • AIChE Foundation Honors McKetta with Naming of Honors Society
    • Your AIChE Membership — Discounted Member Products and Services

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