November 2014 CEP Preview


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Introduction to Fluidization 

Fluidized beds offer excellent heat transfer, and have the unique ability to move a wide range of solid particles in a fluid-like fashion. This article explains the basics of fluidization theory and outlines how to design a typical fluidized bed. 

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Special Supplement:

A Decade of Progress - The Society for Biological Engineering (SBE) 

  • Celebrating a Decade of Progress in Biological Engineering Engineers in a wide range of bio-related specialties — biofuels, biomaterials, genomics, stem cell engineering, regenerative medicine, biopharmaceuticals, bionanotechnology, metabolic engineering, systems biology, bioprocessing, and more — can find a home in SBE.
  • Genomics and Systems Biotechnology in Biopharmaceutical Processing Genome-based analytical tools enable engineers to take a systems approach to bioprocessing.
  • Block-Copolymer Nanocomposites for Biomedical Applications Research into self-assembling block-copolymer nanocomposites seeks to tailor this nanomaterial for large-scale physiological applications. Learn about its development and potential uses from pertinent and up-to-date research.
  • Stem Cell Therapy for Regenerative Medicine The confusion surrounding stem cells starts at the root, with the most basic but difficult-to-answer question, “What is a stem cell?” Get answers to this and other questions related to stem cell research and therapies.
  • Biological Engineering and the Emerging Cellulose Ethanol Industry Advances in developing sustainable sources of biomass, new catalysts, and bioprocessing technologies are moving lignocellulosic biofuels closer to commercial reality.
  • Algae as a Bio-Feedstock Research on converting algae to fuel and other bioproducts is focused on the development of large-scale production methods and pushing the industry toward viable commercial operation.

Instrumentation: Account for Uncertainty with Robust Control Design Part 1

The dynamic behavior of your process can never be modeled perfectly. However, process controllers can be designed to handle this so-called uncertainty.


  • AIChE’s Initial Placement Survey: Where is the Class of 2014?
  • Producing More Ethanol with Less-Sensitive Microbes
  • Stretchable Patch Provides First-Class Health Monitoring
  • New Drug Capsule Takes the Ouch Out of Injections
  • Hybrid Device Combines a Solar Cell and a Battery
  • Plus: Letters … AIChE Journal Highlight: ChE Education: How Times are Changing 
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Radiochemical Breakthrough Improves PET Imaging
  • Spotlight on Safety: Personal Growth and Lessons Learned from Two Global Tragedies
  • Young Professionals Point of View: K–12 Outreach: It’s Fun and Beneficial to Your Career
  • What’s New … Process Safety Beacon: An LPG Tragedy
  • Software and Information Technology
  • Product Digest: Heat Transfer
  • Institute News: Institute and Board of Directors’ Awards; Chemical Engineers and Chemical Weapons Demilitarization; Kadri is New Executive Director of CCPS; Evonik Sponsors AIChE’s Founders Award; Belfort is Elected Chair of the Society for Biological Engineering 
  • Calendars. The November 2014 issue of CEP is now available online.

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