YPC Newsletter - May 2014


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By: Elizabeth Guenther

Hopefully many of you had the opportunity to travel to New Orleans for the AIChE Spring Meeting which took place at the end of March and early April.  There were quite a few successful activities that involved YPs and YPC that we will highlight in this edition of the YPC Newsletter.  Two YPC SubCommittee Chairs, Jon Haughton and Brandon Hochstrasster both participated in the Local Section Leadership Workshop that took place the weekend before the kickoff of the Spring Meeting – read more about that here.  YPs also participated in the Student Conference, also taking place the weekend just prior to the Spring Meeting.   Read about how YPs participated in Round Table sessions, a Panel and Networking here.  Our always popular YP Mixer attracted 107 people and allowed YPs to be introduced to some of the divisions and forums within AIChE that they can get involved with.  Our Co-sponsored technical programming was well attended and the Programming SubCommittee is already hard at work finishing up Annual 2014 Planning and working on Spring 2015 Planning!  Interested in Co-Chairing a Session? Not sure what it is, but would like to learn more? Contact Kendall Werts and Hsiang Yee Lai for more information.

Additionally, YPs were involved with a successful K-12 Outreach program held at Tulane for local High School Students as well as a field trip to the Abita Brewery about an hour outside of downtown New Orleans.

Congratulations to our Treasurer, Meagan Lewis who was not only the 2014 Spring Meeting Program Co-Chair, but also received AIChE’s Herb Epstein Award which is given to an individual who is dedicated to the profession of Chemical Engineering and has demonstrated important contributions to technical programming within the Institute. Please join me in congratulating Meagan on this well-deserved award!

Mark your calendars for the 2014 Annual Meeting being held in Atlanta November 16-21.  We will be helping out with the Annual Student Conference, holding a YP Social, having some great Technical Programming, helping out with a K-12 Outreach event and much more!

For more information on how to get involved in YPC see the article on available leadership positions and the article on how to get involved outside of leadership positions.

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YPOV: A New Graduate’s Lessons Learned

By: Samantha Schmidt

A recent graduate shares some important lessons she has learned in the year since graduating college. This article also appears in the May 2014 Chemical Engineering Progress magazine.

Want to write a Young Professional Point of View article for CEP? Contact Kate for more information (katherine.gawel@gmail.com)

Spring 2014 YPC Abita Brewery Tour

By: Elizabeth Guenther

Need a reason to go to the next conference? How about a brewery tour at a green facility?

Spring Student Conference Summary

By: Jon Haughton

More than 50 students attended the Student Conference in New Orleans! Find about all about it here.

Over 100 Young Professionals Attend YPC Mixer in New Orleans

By: David Kraemer

Networking, Food, and Fun at the always popular YPC Mixer at the Spring Meeting!

2014 AIChE Local Section Leadership Workshop Draws Engaged Crowd

By: Jon Haughton

42 of the most active AIChE members attended the Local Section Leadership Workshop to trade ideas in order to strengthen their local sections

2014 New Orleans High School Outreach

By: Giselle Schlegel

More than 160 students from the New Orleans area heard from Chemical Engineers during the AIChE High School Outreach. Read about it here!

YPC Positions Still Available

By: Elizabeth Guenther and Kate Gawel

Interested in getting involved with YPC? We still have leadership positions available for 2014. This is a great way to get stuff done, network, and have some fun (It is fun! We promise!). Click on the link for the latest application.

Top Ways To Get Involved In YPC (Without Taking on a Leadership Position)

By: Sarah Ewing

Everything above sound interesting to you? Want to get involved, but not that involved? We’ve got some ideas for you!

Thank you to YPC Session Organizers at 2014 Spring Conference

Thank you to all who participated and ran YPC sessions at the 2014 Spring Conference.

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