Committee Policies and Procedures

Committee policies govern the actions of the Committee as well as members, authors, and technical content delivered at conferences, consistent with the framework described in the Bylaws.

EPC Bylaws

The EPC Bylaws document includes detailed information on the organization, its governance, election procedures, meetings, etc. Includes amendments approved at the June 16, 2022 Meeting of the Committee.

EPC Bylaws

Expectations of Authors when Submitting Papers

Presentations at the EPC Conference must comply with basic requirements including copyright, permission to publish, and delivery of a paper that can be used as a future reference by the ethylene community.  The following expectations must be provided to authors early in order to avoid misunderstandings.

Author Expectations

Permission to Publish

All authors presenting at the Spring conference must: 1) Prepare a presentation to be delivered at the podium, 2) Prepare a written paper for future reference, and 3) Grant permission for EPC and AIChE to publish/distribute their paper.  This requirement for having a publishable paper is critical to the mission of the EPC, since download of papers from the EPC website is a major vehicle for filling the mission of the EPC.

Permission to Publish Policy

EPC Speakers' Dinner

The EPC hosts an annual dinner to thank authors and conference session leaders for their contribution to the EPC and ethylene industry.  The Speakers' Dinner policy describes the policies governing this event.

Speakers' Dinner Policy

EPC Survey Policy

This document describes requirements for conducting a survey on behalf of EPC, including guidelines, approval process, data collection, and copyright.

Survey Policy

Member Responsibilities

The following responsibililities are reviewed with candidates through discussion with the Nominations Committee prior to nomination for Committee membership.

Member Responsibilities

EPC Financial Controls Policy

The following financial controls policy was adopted by the Committee on January 26, 2023 (updated from policy adopted August 11, 2011).  It governs expenditures and audit practices.

Financial Controls Policy

Guidelines for Functioning of Programming Subcommittees

The revised Guidelines for Functioning of Subcommittees were approved by the Committee at the August 2015 meeting.  Minor updates to format and wording were made in February 2023.  Members are asked to communicate these guidelines to all Subcommittees for implementation.

Guidelines for Subcommittees