The objective of the Ethylene Producers' Committee is to provide a communication medium through meetings, seminars, courses, and publications for the exchange of non-confidential information concerning the manufacture and distribution of ethylene.


No activity of the committee shall involve the exchange, collection, or dissemination of information among competitors for the purpose of bringing about or attempting to bring about an understanding or agreement, written or oral, formal or informal, express or implied, among competitors, with regard to costs, prices, pricing methods, terms or conditions of sale, distribution, production quotas or other limitations on either the timing or volume of production or sales, or allocation of territories or customers.

Non-profit Status

The Ethylene Producers' Committee is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, registered in the state of Texas.

Governance and Membership

Activities of the EPC are governed by the EPC Bylaws.  Membership in the Committee is governed by the bylaws, but participation in EPC Programming Subcommittees is open to all members of the ethylene community.