Tools and Tips for Successful Management and Leadership

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This Management and Leadership blog series is dedicated to the tools, approaches, and strategies that managers can use to promote the success of individuals and the team, and thus also the organization and themselves.

The Performance Appraisal Process: Part 1 of Effective Employee Performance Management

. by Martin Bergstedt

Performance management efforts can be likened to a good maintenance program for your car. If you neglect it, you can continue to motor along…for a time. However, you may find that when you need to “step on the gas” you don’t have enough speed to pass your competitors. So, how do you manage your teams’ performance to make sure that they are “firing on all cylinders?”

The Performance Appraisal System: Part 2 of Effective Employee Performance Management

. by Martin Bergstedt

A formal Performance Appraisal System is a necessity in a growing and successful business or organization. It demonstrates a consistency of understanding and formal communication of what is expected, what is applauded, and what is not acceptable. Everyone is on the same page, senior management, yourself, and the appraised employee.

Gaining Acceptance as a New Supervisor

. by Martin Bergstedt

Part 6 in the series "Tools and Tips for Successful Management and Leadership." So how exactly do you go about gaining acceptance once you've managed to land that new management position? A lot will ride on it. Success will now be a function of your group/team’s output and performance, not just your own. Your ability to gain the acceptance of your team and get over any speed bumps quickly will be a function of how you approach this initial phase of your new position, and will dictate the time it takes to get them to a high level of productivity.