World E-Congress of Chemical Engineering Held Online, May 21–24

This Spring, the 12th World Congress of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering — a conference co-sponsored by AIChE, the World Chemical Engineering Council (WCEC), and a breadth of international affiliate organizations — will expand its reach by delivering its programming fully online. The 2024 World Digital Congress of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering is being organized by AIChE, and will be presented to virtual attendees from May 21–24.

Wide spectrum of topics

Last conducted in 2023 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the Congress in its virtual format will offer a global and inclusive platform where engineering professionals, academic researchers, and students can exchange knowledge, build collaborations, and explore innovations and trends in their fields of interest. The program will cover a spectrum of topics, including reaction engineering, applications of biotechnology, catalysis, process systems engineering, food, energy, materials, nanotechnology, process intensification, Industry 4.0, engineering education, process safety, and sustainability.

Informative speakers share expertise

Plenary speakers include: Flavien Susanne (Astra-Zeneca, UK), who will discuss the “Sustainability Revolution” in pharmaceuticals development and manufacturing; Suojiang Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences), who will explore “Green Process Innovation for Net-Zero Carbon;” and Phillip Westmoreland (North Carolina State Univ.), who will issue “New Directives for Chemical Engineering Worldwide.”

In addition to leadership provided by AIChE and the WCEC, the E-Congress is supported by the Asian Pacific Confederation of Chemical Engineering, the Inter-American Confederation of Chemical Engineering, the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, the South African Institution of Chemical Engineers, Société des Experts Chimistes de France, the World Corrosion Organization, and the European Society of Applied Biocatalysis. To register for the E-Congress, and for the latest program information, visit

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