AcuTech: Center for Hydrogen Safety Member Spotlight

AcuTech is a consulting firm providing process safety, security, fire protection engineering, and emergency management services to industries that manufacture, store, transport, or handle highly hazardous chemicals. I spoke with David Moore, Founder, President and CEO of AcuTech, about their activities and involvement in the Center for Hydrogen Safety (CHS).

Could you provide a short description of AcuTech’s hydrogen safety activities?

We are a full-service consultancy capable of technical and managerial services for developing, mentoring, and auditing safety management systems for optimal performance. AcuTech has been active with projects involving the processing or use of hydrogen gas since our inception in 1994, including conducting risk assessments, facility siting studies and process safety projects for facilities handling hydrogen (including those with electrolysis processes). Our extensive project experience includes evaluating and managing process risk through a variety of formal methods, and applying best safety engineering and management practices in the business.

Tell us a bit about why AcuTech decided to join CHS at the executive level?

AcuTech is a global organization committed to giving back by contributing its learnings to promote industry safety. We recognize CHS to be making an industry-leading impact on promoting hydrogen safety and best practices worldwide.  AcuTech joined CHS at the executive level to share its expertise and experience in risk management to contribute to this mission and make a positive impact on the industry.

What do you most hope to gain from your partnership with CHS?

We value being recognized as a leader in a professional community dedicated to safety, and appreciate the opportunity to collaborate with the many knowledgeable CHS members. We look forward to participating in working groups and accessing resources aimed at removing barriers to enable a safer hydrogen industry transition.

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David Moore

David Moore is the founder, President and CEO of the AcuTech Group, a process risk management consulting firm based in Vienna, Virginia. Read more.