September 2022 CEP Preview

Special Section: Accelerating Decarbonization 

Accelerating decarbonization will require a combined technological and regulatory framework that continues to promote the health, safety, and well-being of society. While the regulatory framework in the U.S. can be polarizing, the necessary technological changes represent an enormous opportunity for engineers and scientists. Articles in this special section include:

  • Accelerating Decarbonization: Challenges and Opportunities
  • Carbonomics: Introduction to Carbon Pricing, Regulations, and Frameworks
  • Transitioning to Net-Zero Carbon Emissions
  • Using Pinch Analysis to Plan Peer-to-Peer Carbon Trading
  • Embarking on an Industrial Net-Zero Journey


Actionable Insights from Automated Measurements

Generating plant data and imparting it with context is the first step in many digital transformation projects. High-integrity data can be used to build soft sensors, which can reveal process insights.

Back to Basics

Responding to the Opioid Epidemic

Synthetic opioids have caused a sharp increase in deaths over the past five years, reinforcing the need for immediate solutions from the medical and chemical engineering communities.


  •  Solar Tower Produces Jet Fuel Sustainably
  •  Organ Monitoring Goes Miniature with Ultrasound “Sticker”
  •  Keeping Bacterial Cures Alive in the Gut
  • New Technique Gives Biologics Better Resistance to Heat
  • Business Update


  • Editorial: Decarbonization at Work and at Home
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Photonic Smart Coatings Unlock New Efficiencies in Solar Panels
  • AIChE  Journal Highlight: Building Laboratory Reactors for Fluid-Bed Kinetics
  • Process Safety Beacon: Lightning Strikes — Yikes!
  • New Products: Environmental, Health and Safety; Operations and Maintenance; Software; Fluids and Solids Handling; Engineering Services; Laboratory Equipment; Instrumentation
  • Emerging Voices: Condensing Years of Research into Three Minutes
  • Sponsored Content: CEP Investigates: Monitoring Energy and Water Consumption
  • Meeting Sneak Peek: Featured Events: AIChE Annual Meeting, Nov. 13–18, Phoenix
  • Institute News
    • Young Selected as Director of Institute for Learning and Innovation
    • AIChE, Partners Welcome 2022 Class of Future STEM Scholars
    • RE Society Establishes Award to Honor its Founder, Cato Laurencin
    • WISE ChE Students Go to Washington

The September issue of CEP is now available on the AIChE website, on the CEP app, and as a digital flipbook.