Watch Our First LinkedIn Live Event on Hydrogen Safety

Hydrogen is the most abundant resource in our universe and has the potential to significantly contribute toward the goal of a carbon-neutral world by 2050. The above video is a recording of the LinkedIn Live conversation between Nick Barilo, Executive Director of the Center for Hydrogen Safety, and Dave Edwards, Director and Advocate for Hydrogen Energy at Air Liquide. On June 29th of this year, they discussed the primacy of hydrogen as a sustainable fuel source and the role safety plays in realizing its potential. 

This was an interactive event that attracted engineers specializing in hydrogen safety, chemical process engineers, operations manager, students, and others from across the world. 

Questions and comments included:

  • Any experience with challenges with hydrogen in biogas plants? Corrosion, leaks, and others?
  • Can we benefit from our experience with LNG in hydrogen transportation?
  • Are there any changes in approach to safety necessary to scale up hydrogen, especially when less-specialized people start handling hydrogen equipment?
  • How important will policy be in advancing the hydrogen economy as net zero carbon becomes an imperative?
  • What's your view on ammonia’s role for use in the near-term H2 economy for long-haul vehicles?
  • Processes like electrolysis and the use of micro-algae to generate hydrogen gas are of interest nowadays, but are these processes really efficient and reliable? 
  • Can hydrogen gas completely replace fossil fuels by 2030?
  • What is your opinion of green hydrogen in steel industries?

To learn the answers to these and many other questions, watch the video in the panel above. You can follow CHS on LinkedIn.