May 2021 CEP Preview

Reactions and Separations

Parting Boxes Can Make or Break Packed Tower Performance — Part I: Perforated Sparger Feeds

The key to good parting box performance is to effectively break the momentum of the entering liquid streams.

Back to Basics

Engineering Industrial Enzymes

Evolutionary principles are the key to engineering enzymes for industrial applications.

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Fired Heater Safety: Common Failure Factors

Understand common failure mechanisms of fired heaters to prevent disruptions and ensure safe operation.

Business Management 

Modernize Training with AI, XR, and Microlearning

Incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality (XR), and microlearning technologies into training programs to improve worker performance and safety.


  • Inexpensive, Luminescent Assay Measures COVID-19 Immunity
  • Researchers Make Milestone Discovery in Stem Cell Technology
  • Converting Polyethylene into Sustainable Water-Wicking Fabrics
  • Solving the Nanobubble Paradox
  • Researchers Create the World’s Smallest Walking Robot
  • Updating the Artificial Chemist


  • Editorial: AI Learns Something New Every Day. Shouldn’t We?

  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Biopreservation Material Could End the Wait for Organ Transplants

  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Upgrading Carbon Dioxide and Light Alkanes to Value-Added Products

  • New Products: Fluids and Solids Handling; Instrumentation; Laboratory Equipment; Software; Environmental, Health and Safety; Operations and Maintenance; Engineering Services.

  • Process Safety Beacon: Valve Position Errors Can Cause Serious Incidents

  • Trends: Quantum Computing: An Emerging Tool for Chemical Engineers

  • Safety Minute: Complex Procedures Can Increase Accidents

  • Emerging Voices: Lessons from the Plant Floor

  • Lettters

  • Books

  • Institute News

    • Meet Some of AIChE’s New Fellows 

    • Stanley I. Proctor, Jr. — 1936–2021

    • Tester Elected to National Academy of Engineering

    • SEED Goes Virtual

Coming in June: Stay Tuned for the 2021 Salary Survey!

We surveyed our members to ask about race, gender, age, salary, education, and the impact of COVID-19. This year, we discovered that 9% of respondents took time off due to COVID-19. In addition, the starting salary for recent graduates was $70K.

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