Excel for Chemical Engineering Problems

Over the years, it’s become clear to us at ChEnected just how useful Excel is for many chemical engineers. Some of our most popular posts have been tips and tutorials for using spreadsheets to solve chemical engineering problems. 

Since people can always use ways to hone existing skills or learn something new, we thought we’d suggest that you check out our ever-popular chemical engineering spreadsheet tutorial series: Excel Tips for Chemical Engineers. The series includes six essential Excel tips chemical engineers can use to save time – and frustration – at work.

Want more Excel tips for chemical engineers?

If you know you want to delve even deeper than our blog series – or if our Excel tips leave you hungry for more – be sure to check out AIChE’s Virtual Excel VBA Programming for Chemical Engineers course. It’s taught by David E. Clough, the author of the blog series, and combines two of AIChE’s most popular spreadsheet courses, Spreadsheet Problem-Solving for Chemical Engineers and Excel VBA Programming for Chemical Engineers.