March 2021 CEP Preview

Special Section: Process Intensification

This special section examines several concepts that will be critical to intensifying the chemical process industries (CPI), including modularization, continuous processing, electrification, process control, and innovation.

  • A Wave of Progress for Process Intensification
  • Managing Business Risk in Modular Chemical Process Intensification
  • Continuous Manufacturing in the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Dream or Reality? Electrification of the Chemical Process Industries
  • Achieve the Benefits of Intensification through Process Control
  • A New Approach to Industrial Innovation


Renewable Power for Carbon Dioxide Mitigation

Although the wind and sun are free, converting these resources to useful power costs money. Renewable power needs to be deployed for CO2 mitigation where it can be used most efficiently and have the greatest benefit.

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Back to Basics

Troubleshooting Once-Through Reboilers

Once-through reboilers can offer greater thermal and separation efficiencies than conventional circulating-thermosiphon reboilers but are subject to different modes of failure.

News Update

  • Chemical Engineers Take Aviation to New Heights
  • Tracking Cancer with CRISPR Technology
  • Squid-Inspired Robot Pulses Through Water
  • A Spongy Catalyst Transforms Cooking Oil into Biodiesel


  • Editorial: RAPID Advancements Driving Change
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Rapid, Point-of-Use Technology to Measure Antibodies
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Developing Open-Source Molecular Modeling Software
  • New Products: Software; Environmental, Health, and Safety; Fluids and Solids Handling; Materials and Chemicals; Operations and Maintenance; Instrumentation; Laboratory Equipment
  • Process Safety Beacon: Relief Vents Can Be Hazards
  • Emerging Voices: Achieve Mastery in Business
  • Profile: An App that Saves Lives, With a ChE at the Helm
  • Meeting Sneak Peek: Virtual Spring Meeting and Global Congress on Process Safety, Apr. 18–23
  • Institute News 
    • AIChE Revises Statement on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
    • National Academy of Engineering Elects AIChE Members to 2021 Class
    • In Memoriam: Three AIChE Fellows: Andrew G. Gibson, Paul H. Steen, Louis J. Thibodeaux

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