Fostering Inclusive Communities

During the 2019 AIChE Spring Meeting and GCPS, the workshop Fostering Inclusive Communities helped participants learn how to allow differences to flourish by equally valuing and engaging those differences. When individuals of diverse backgrounds, generations, race/ethnicity or gender collaborate, the results lead to innovation, productivity, and community. Some of the areas looked at in the workshop were the concept of unconscious bias, conscious inclusion, and skills to use this knowledge to foster inclusion in the workplace.

Below are three interviews conducted by Mike McAtee with speakers at the workshop. These include Ana Davis, Head Health, Safety & Environment (HSE), in North America, Sygenta; Patricia Rossman, Chief Diversity + Inclusion Officer, BASF in North America; James B. Porter, Jr., Principal Consultant, DuPont Safety Resources; Sandy Reyes, Manager EEO/AA/Diversity & Employee Relations & Policy & Procedures, State of Delaware.