Introduce a Girl to Engineering Today

Today is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day. “Girl Day” is a movement spearheaded by DiscoverE aimed at inspiring grade-school girls to find a calling in engineering. ChE role models share their knowledge and experiences, giving girls the chance to think like an engineer for a day.

The following AIChE volunteers have participated in this year's campaign as role models:

There’s still time to become a Girl Day role model. Sign up at DiscoverE.

Capitol Hill Briefing

Watch the Girl Day Capitol Hill briefing, a panel of young women and professional engineers discuss ways to engage girls in engineering.

Beginning on March 6, AIChE members can find volunteer opportunities in DiscoverE’s month-long Global Marathon to inspire women in engineering and technology. The Marathon culminates on April 3 with the Global Day of the Engineer.

AIChE members who want to participate in AIChE’s own K–12 activities —including the launch of a new K–12 Committee —should write to