November 2017 CEP Preview


Preparing Chemical Engineering Students for Industry

Many chemical engineering courses do not reflect current practices in the chemical process industries (CPI). How should the core curriculum change to better align undergraduate training with industry needs?

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Chemical Engineers Respond to the Addiction Epidemic

Chemical engineers have an ethical duty to develop processes and products to alleviate the societal burden of drug addiction.


Introduction to Cogeneration Operation

A good understanding of steam-turbine operation and power generation cost can help improve overall cogeneration profitability. This article describes the basic economics behind cogeneration.


The Past, Present, and Prospects for Colombia’s Chemical Industry

Given its geographic position, abundant natural and agricultural resources, and moderate labor costs, Colombia has the potential to develop a competitive chemicals industry, as long as it is committed to the necessary investment and research.


  • New Test Distinguishes Zika from Dengue
  • Nanogel-Coated Stem Cells Can Heal Hearts
  • CRISPR-Cas9 Reveals Key Gene in Human Development
  • Robots Shape-Shift Using Origami
  • Inflatable Membrane Mimics Natural Camouflage
  • Surgical Glue Could Eliminate the Need for Suturing Wounds


  • Editorial: Closing the Skills Gap
  • Catalyzing Commercialization: Ultra-Deep Desulfurization of Diesel
  • AIChE Journal Highlight: Solubility of Gases in Ionic Liquids
  • Young Professionals’ Point of View: Lessons Learned from Process Safety Incidents (and Near Misses)
  • Technical Entity Trends: Ensuring a Resilient Enterprise
  • Process Safety Beacon: Be Aware of Purged Enclosures in Hazardous Areas
  • Spotlight on Safety: Remember Your Red Wagon
  • Product Focus: Pumps; Valves; Safety Equipment
  • Books
  • Calendars
  • Institute News:
    • Meet Some of AIChE’s New Fellows
    • AIChE Foundation Endows Chem-E-Car Prize to Honor H. Scott Fogler
    • MAC Scholarships Endowed to Honor Henry Brown

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