Announcing AIChE's Member Get a Member Program

With AIChE's Member-Get-a-Member-Program, you can be a force that helps build a global community of chemical engineers. And as you participate, you can win prizes and encourage others to belong to something bigger. Here are some of the details:

Participate as an individual or on behalf of your community

Current AIChE professional and undergraduate student members are welcome and encouraged to participate as champions. Champions will be eligible for rewards and/or drawings each time they recruit a member who is verified to be joining AIChE as a new member. AIChE Communities (divisions, forums, local sections, committees, etc.) are also welcome and encouraged to participate as champions. If you're interested in participating on behalf of your AIChE community, click here.

What do you do?

Use the orange Invite a Peer button on this page to send an invitation to your peer. This invitation will lead them through the process. 

Or, if they join on their own, be sure to tell your newly joining members to include the following on their membership application:

  • The code FRIEND*
  • Your first and last name in the field of "Who referred you to join?"

How do you benefit?

The champion and the joining member will receive one entry into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift Card that will be held during the quarter of the join, as well as a grand prize drawing at the end of the calendar year for a $300 Amazon Gift Card.

Champions will also receive a $20 Amazon Gift Card for each joining new professional member (excluding joining new undergraduate student members). Champions will be given the option of receiving a $20 credit toward their next year dues renewal in lieu of the Gift Card. 

Learn more about the details and how to Invite a Peer