AIChE and the Paris Climate Agreement

Many AIChE member engineers and their companies have supported US participation in the Paris Agreement, from which the US is now withdrawing. Also called the Paris Accord, it is an internationally negotiated plan for mitigation, adaptation, and finance of greenhouse-gas emissions that is intended to start formally in the year 2020.

AIChE’s existing climate-change policy reflects the assertion that AIChE’s members are especially well suited to shape and inform technical and societal decisions about climate-change mitigation and adaptation, including those that support past US commitments pursuant to the Paris Agreement.

This statement remains true whether or not the US remains a party to the Agreement. Accordingly, in March AIChE and its Public Affairs & Information Committee (PAIC) started a targeted communication plan to engage members regarding climate change and to assist in reviewing AIChE’s climate-change policy.

Look for future ChEnected posts and opportunities to participate through discussions on AIChE Engage.

Mary Ellen Ternes, Chair of PAIC Climate-Change Adaptation Task Force

Phil Westmoreland, Chair of AIChE Public Affairs and Information Committee