Symposia Chair Invites You to the Refining Topical at #AIChESpring & #GCPS

I recently caught up with Ian Glasglow, Symposia Chair for the 20th Topical of Refining at the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting & 13th Global Congress on Process Safety.

What is your role for the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting & 13th Global Congress on Process Safety?

At the 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting & 13th Global Congress on Process Safety I serve as the chair for the 20th Topical of Refining, organized by the Fuels and Petrochemicals Division (F&PD), and as the chair of the F&PD Keynote Welcome Session.

Can you give us some insight into this year’s 20th Topical Conference on Refinery Processing and what events shouldn’t be missed?

The F&PD Keynote Welcome Session on Monday morning (March 27) will be an outstanding session that everyone will want to attend. It will lead off with the presentation “Energy-Industry Trends and Insights from the Wellhead to Downstream Products” from Claire Cagnolatti (VP of Chemical Studies – Solomon Associates). The presentation will then be immediately followed by an Executive Panel on  the topic “Resources for a Sustainable Future: The Energy, Water, and Food Nexus.” The panelists will be Dr. Joe Powell (Chief Scientist – Shell), Dr. William Tumas (Associate Laboratory Director of Material Science & Technology – NREL), and Dr. Michael Webber (Deputy Director of Energy Institute & Professor, University of Texas – Austin).

After the Monday morning keynote, the Refining topical will contain multiple sessions throughout three days that are on current industry relevant topics which include the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Best Practices of Turnarounds, Distillation (co-sponsored with the Kister Distillation Symposium), Process Safety (co-sponsored with the Global Congress on Process Safety), Fired Heater Applications, Processing of Unconventional Crudes, Technology Transfer (co-sponsored with the Process Development Division), Profitability and Flexibility, Revamps and Operability, Controls and Simulation, and the Environment (co-sponsored with the Environmental Division). In addition, for our Young Professionals (YPs) we will be having Panel Discussion on the topic “The Future of Advanced Process Control” which will be a great session to facilitate dialogue between YPs and veteran professionals.

What information are you hoping attendees walk away with?

F&PD believes that the greatest benefit that can be provided to our membership is to “learn today, apply tomorrow.”  So my hope and expectation is that everyone who attends the Refining Topical will find something they can take back and use after the conference to continue to advance their career. Attendees will find this through the broadened technical knowledge in the sessions they attend, and the networking opportunities with the talented individuals who attend the Spring Meeting & Global Congress on Process Safety.

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Ian M. Glasglow

Ian Glasgow currently works as a Process Technologist at International Alliance Group (IAG).

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